Cotswolds-based film enthusiast who loves to write about films, MA in Film Research


About Minna Yliruikka

 This blog is all about films that have evoked sensations by their thematic and/or formal qualities in me. Films from various corners of the world, of different genres, by diverse directors and with contrasting and colourful objectives and approaches.  And why touching film? Because through my writing I hope to show that some films can affect so intensely that the surface becomes almost tangible and the images so vivid that our eyes are almost as if touching them.

Cinema also touches many issues thematically. I want to touch certain topics I find interesting, fascinating and close to my agenda; gender relations, sexuality and representation of these, cinema and senses, cultural aspects of films.

Accidentally or not, I am writing about films from all over the world. Although we always have to be alert to the representations, keeping in mind their objective and subjective stances, films can always tell a lot about the culture and about the time they were made, becoming a historical text.

Without a doubt films enrich life enormously and enable us to embark on visual journeys through different times and cultures, affecting on a multisensory level.